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Consumerism has gripped healthcare. Patients and their families are more empowered - they examine social media and review ratings to decide how they want to experience healthcare. A hospital’s “brand” is important. Perceptions matter. Reputation matters. Little things can impact a rating either way. Good or bad.

The Experience starts and ends with the Patient - always. Of course. But everyone who walks into your hospital has an Experience - the sum total creates your Brand. Your Reputation. 

Our passion for The Experience is built on a foundational belief – safety and engaged moments are equally important. Everyone who enters a hospital has the right to expect a safe, caring experience. Positive Impressions™ is our dedicated program to create engaged, caring moments. 5 Pillars of Safety in Healthcare is our commitment to provide a safer environment for all.

Engaged Experiences


Positive Impressions™ was created to address The Experience of all 5 stakeholders. Every touchpoint matters - The Experience is a holistic idea to provide a better experience for:

  1. Patient Safety and healing is paramount to the Patient experience but little things add up to the overall experience. A smile. A gentle voice. A caring conversation. A hospital environment and room that looks clean, well-maintained and uncluttered.
  2. Family/Guest Their perceptions matter almost more than the Patient as their level of concern and fear is heightened. The care their loved one receives is critical but they see and note every little thing in the hospital that triggers emotional messaging of clean...safe...caring.
  3. Clinical Staff This is their workplace. Their home away from home. They need to feel it is a safe environment where they can practice their passion – caring for others. HCAHPS analytics show a clear connection between Nurse Communication and Overall Scores. A happy, engaged Nurse can make all the difference.
  4. The Community Every hospital today is focused on affecting Community health “upstream” - population health can change America’s quality of life and Crothall embraces that concept. Your off-site Ambulatory facilities are the first touchpoint with your Brand - it needs the same care for the impressions it gives everyone.
  5. Crothall Associates Engaged Staff make a difference. Their passion is higher. Their care is higher. They do more than is asked of them. Their workplace needs to be a safe place where they are respected and celebrated as they improve The Experience for Patients, Families, Clinical Staff and each other.


We have a strategic partnership with Press Ganey to better understand the voice of the Patient. This partnership reflects our commitment to superior patient experience through the use of actionable intelligence and innovative solutions.

Safer Experiences


5 Pillars of Safety in Healthcare is a disciplined strategy based on five critical areas. All five must work in an integrated program fueled by people, protocols and products. Focus on these 5 can mitigate infection transmission:
1) hand hygiene
2) process
3) surface measurement
4) augmentation
5) emerging solutions

5 Pillars of Safety in Healthcare relies on the Power of Clean concept to impact clean perceptions as well as the reality of a clean, safer environment – all must feel safe in a hospital environment. As patients and family members perceive the facility, so goes the recommendations, ratings and the financial incentives or penalties. Perception becomes reality. Every experience matters. Every one.

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