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Creating specialists with passion starts by recruiting the right people. Some people just don’t belong in the service business – they aren’t wired to serve. On average Crothall hires only the top 6.5% of the applicants we receive each year. The search for the truly "humble heroes" requires finding a clear set of traits that experience has taught us has the greatest chance for success. Our heroes must want to serve… to learn… to succeed… to care.

Recruiting is a blend of art and science at Crothall. Building a nationwide force of the most talented and dedicated service professionals in the industry does not happen by accident – it is a result of our careful and concerted talent acquisition efforts.

We apply analytics to recruiting. We analyze the zip codes where current hourly employees live as well as zip codes that have easy access to public transportation. In addition, we match current and “ideal” employee factors in demographics and psycho-graphics. Then we target recruiting in only those areas using Social Media for far more effective recruiting and retention.

Resource Network 

Crothall is supported by dedicated professional recruiters. As part of Compass Group North America, Crothall leverages the strength of the Resource Network (RN). It performs all of the activities within the recruitment life cycle with integrity, responsiveness, professionalism, accountability, and confidentiality.

We retain an average of 82 percent of the candidates we hire through Resource Network. With a complete understanding of the requirements of the OFCCP and a commitment to full compliance with EEOC and OFCCP, each recruiter uses the latest tools, technology, and practices available in the recruitment industry.

Code of Ethics:

Selection and recruitment is always based on genuine qualification criteria for the position. Recruiters and hiring managers ensure that opportunities for, and in connection with, any employment will be equal for all people regardless of age, disability, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other distinction, other than for the specific requirements of an occupation. 

Diversity DIAC: Diversity & Inclusion Action Council

Diversity benefits our clients and all Crothall associates. It provides a better atmosphere in which to grow our business. A diverse workforce allows us to leverage the experiences, backgrounds, thoughts, abilities, and expectations that our associates bring to work every day. At Crothall, everyone has a voice and the power to make a difference.

The House of Inclusion embodies our diversity strategy. There are 3 components:

  1. Foundation Education and training to create awareness and knowledge
  2. Pillars Participation and engagement
  3. Roof Measurement and metric to prove performance

The Leadership Legacy Network offers our diverse culture opportunities to build leadership skills. Topics are focused on providing tools and resources necessary to enhance skill sets.