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Only a specialized force can operate with such a narrow margin of error. Having so little room for mistakes, the staff must be highly trained and focused. Management must be deeply knowledgeable and experienced in their craft to design and execute at a high level of performance. And quality management must be frequent and corrections made quickly.

Passionate people deliver. In the service business the “product” is people. The right people are engaged, focused, trained, and accountable. In order to flourish, people of superior quality must have a culture that teaches them, helps them, supports them, and celebrates them. 

Engaged people deliver. The culture at Crothall creates Craft Masters who care deeply about the quality of their work. In the recent Engagement Survey of all Crothall employees these results stand out:

  • 81% “I am motivated to contribute more than what is expected of me in my job.”
  • 79% “I am proud to work for the company."
  • 77% “This Company is focused on delivering excellent service.”
  • 81% “I receive the training I need to do my job safely and well.”

Precise execution of proven processes is critical. Protocols honed over thousands of service events have created repeatable and teachable “building blocks.” These specific and proven elements are modules we use to build a prescriptive service protocol for your facility. The process is proven – the customization is dictated by you and your facility. 

In the end it’s always about performance. At Crothall, you won’t hear “but we tried.” Our professional relationships are built on trust - our clients know we adapt to any challenge. People working with people know what it takes to deliver promised service results.


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