A WelcomeExperience

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Crothall Difference Overview

The search for a high quality service provider can be daunting. Every provider claims to have the best people, the best service, the best technology...etc. The challenge is proving all these claims and understanding the uniqueness of each provider.

The Crothall difference starts with commitment to specialization. We develop craft masters who innovate, perform, and create programs to help Clients navigate the future of healthcare.

We can improve The Experience for every stakeholder in your hospital. It starts and ends with the Patient – of course. But everyone who enters your hospital has the right to expect a safe, caring experience. Our passion for The Experience is built on a foundational belief – safety and engaged moments are equally important for all. Family/Guests. Clinical Staff. Your Community. Our own Crothall associates. We create a Welcome Experience for all five groups.

It takes a culture of “humble heroes” to deliver a Welcome Experience. You need engaged and passionate people serving your Patients at every possible touchpoint – we search out, hire and train those who want to give more than they are asked. Our culture that has earned Crothall membership in Modern Healthcare’s Best Places to Work in Healthcare 6 years in a row.