Case Studies

Recognizing Greatness

Crothall Healthcare has redefined “patient experience” in hospital settings, with processes that build value into every patient interaction while rewarding the skills and efforts of their managers and staff. Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City, the largest hospital in the Saint Luke’s Health System with 410 beds and nearly 20,000 annual admissions, is demonstrating the high scores and positive feedback that result from the expert application of Crothall’s processes.

Saint Luke’s Hospital HCAHPS scores have risen from 74% to the current 2015 Q4 of 81%. Top box scores have risen steadily over the 4 years since assuming EVS responsibility at St. Luke’s. Credit the hard work of Patient Experience managers and EVS training on patient care for these results.

It’s incredible to be able to recognize employees for setting difficult goals every month and reaching them each time,” said Bradley Simmons, Chief Operating Officer of Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City. “And even in that recognition, there’s the Crothall management team coming up with the ideas and doing the leg work to see how the processes will work.”

  • 6.4% Increase in HCAHPS Cleanliness Scores from 2011 to 2015

  • 5% Above Regional Hospital Room/Bathroom “Always Clean” Score

Getting Results with Respect

Happy associates make our scores go higher, faster,” said Amir Jahansouz, Crothall Director of Environmental Services at Saint Luke’s Hospital. Clear communication on current status and goals – in terms of scores and internal survey results – built trust and accountability between employees and managers, clinical teams, and each other. Shifts huddle on progress and issues together, and managers are always available with one-on-one training.

Collaboration with nursing is all part of the daily routine. Crothall launched an engagement initiative between nursing and EVS services at Saint Luke’s Hospital in 2013. Nursing and EVS managers attend each other’s meetings, including a monthly celebration of most improved units for clinical teams and housekeepers alike.

Managers harness the energy of healthy competition. Nursing staff responded quickly to the engagement initiative with an interest in helping housekeeping staff achieve their objectives. Coordinated units are each rated and the competition between them keeps staff ready to address shortcomings. Nurses and housekeepers are recognized together when their units have exceptionally high or improving scores.

Finding Ways to Give Back

Patients take notice at the hospital’s pride. Feedback comes in all forms from patients, physicians, and visitors about the clean environments and responsive employees creating a positive patient experience. “We have a board for feedback after we’ve shared it in the huddle,” said Natalie Hampton, Crothall Patient Experience Manager at Saint Luke’s Hospital. “We fill up the board every month, usually with patient comments.”

Celebration with the staff is more than just parties. There are parties, though – for positive scores every month, to recognize the Associate of the Month, to hear patient feedback – and they are all part of a strategy supporting Crothall standards. “It’s all about recognizing the associates and they really respond to it,” said Jahansouz. “When they use High-Profile Cleaning and when they show good customer service, they know the party is for them.”

Experienced housekeepers mentor new members on patient care. St. Luke’s has many experienced staff members in EVS who are eager to teach that making patients feel like home is the key to a better patient experience. “For those with a passion for patient care they are the ones who get others on board,” says Hampton.

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