Case Studies

The Confidence To Care

Crothall Healthcare has redefined “patient experience” in hospital settings, with processes that engage and reward managers and staff who create value with every interaction on the job. Mount Sinai St. Luke’s, Mount Sinai Queens and the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai have harnessed the transformative energy of Crothall’s processes to create solutions to the challenges of hospital sanitation and patient satisfaction in hospital environments across New York City.

St. Lukes, Queens and the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary ended 2015 with patient satisfaction scores higher than the national average. “Crothall and Mount Sinai have forged a mutually beneficial relationship with Positive ImpressionsTM,” said Patricia Lamb, Vice President of Support Services at Mount Sinai. “Our people are happier and more empowered to give patients the best care while Crothall has proven its programs in diverse environments that offer unique challenges.”

Making Positive Impressions

“It’s all about running the Positive Impressions™ patient experience program,” said Regis Medrano, Crothall EVS Director at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s, serving northwest Manhattan with a 523-bed capacity. “We engage our housekeepers, making sure they are in the right role and being recognized.” Staff members reflect that recognition when serving patients.Positive Impressions™ training helped drive St. Luke’s patient satisfaction scores into the 99th percentile.  Patient satisfaction scores achieved an 80% average throughout the entire region, well above the hospital’s goal of 65%.

The Right Job for the Right People

EVS turned a team into a family. Mount Sinai Queens, a 235-bed hospital serving the culturally diverse Astoria neighborhood of New York City, increased patient satisfaction top box scores above 75% during a budget crisis tinged with layoffs. “It was inspiring to see employees acting like a family, because happy employees make happy patients,” said Deirdre Varona, Crothall EVS Director at Queens.

Engagement drives the Positive Impressions™ team. The “In Our Shoes” program has employees and managers switch roles for a day for a new perspectivethat forges new internal bonds.  Staff members celebrate the community’s diversity with special events and holidays with all employees participating no matter their race or religion. The “Fresh as a Daisy” program at Queens has expanded to include new welcome languages for patients.

By the Numbers

HCAHPS Patient Satisfaction “Top Box” Scores 2014

St. Luke’s: 73.1%

Queens: 75.4%

New York Eye & Ear Infirmary: 76%

HCAHPS Patient Satisfaction “Top Box” Scores 2015

St. Luke’s: 80%

Queens: 75.6%

New York Eye & Ear Infirmary: 85.5%

The Fresh Scent of Success

Housekeepers create patient confidence with every move. At the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai, one of the nation’s premier surgical hospitals, patient satisfaction top box scores were above 85% at the end of 2015, up more than 10% over the previous year. Eye surgery patients take most of the facility’s 69 beds, presenting housekeepers with a communication challenge. The infirmary’s “Fresh Scent” program introduced aromatic cleansers that let eye surgery patients know their space is clean without being irritated by fumes.

Employees are attracted to the open-door policy with management. “Our people are professionals and we want them to remember that,” said Yvette Reyes, Crothall EVS Director at the New York Eye & Ear Infirmary. Directors used open forums to address the staff’s traffic and security concerns to satisfaction.

Improving Speed and Quality 

Bed turnaround times have more than halved at St. Luke’s to 55 minutes. Admission delays have been cut at a major urban hospital that is constantly accepting transferred patients while operating at near capacity. Quality has improved at the same time - occurrence rates of the C. Diff bacteria have dropped. “The new speed is because of the new program,” said Medrano.

High Profile Cleaning fights hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). Unit Cycle Cleaning used data to identify high-risk patient areas and periodically bleach the entire unit, from floors to laundry. The hospital is also piloting the Hand Hygiene Initiative to monitor and educate on proper hand washing technique. “We’re always staying a step ahead on hygiene,” said Varona.


55 minutes – average room turnover from discharge to readmission at St. Luke’s

500+ employees – educated on nursing engagement


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