Case Studies

Inova Fairfax Medical Center

People Giving Perfect Care

Crothall Healthcare has redefined “patient experience” in hospital settings, with processes that encourage and reward managers and staff who create value for patients with every interaction. Inova Fairfax Medical Center of Inova Health System is Northern Virginia’s largest hospital, with 2.1 million square feet and 833 patient rooms, and has been a leader in programs that become Crothall’s standard for care.

Medicare’s HCAHPS survey system allows Inova to compare its results directly with other hospitals. Patient experience scores at Inova Fairfax Medical Center have been on the rise in the last three years, as well as rates of “perfect care” – Inova’s high internal standard, determining if a patient received 100% of the processes of care appropriate for their condition.

"Crothall is demonstrating their true connection to not only the cleanliness and disinfection technique, but these programs also wrap it all into the Patient Experience,” said Cheryll Battle, Assistant Vice President of Building and Support Services at Inova. According to Houda Benotmane, Crothall Director of Inova Fairfax Medical Center, "the programs that we have implemented, first and foremost, have a purpose of bringing the front line staff into the healing team. HCAHPS [scores] and patient turnaround time are just additional outcomes.” 

Starting with a Smile

High Profile Cleaning is Crothall’s signature method for focusing environmental services as a single skill. HPC includes ten sequential steps to ensure a clean environment, while staff members also engage with patients using the EVS concept of communications: the “eye contact, voice projection and smile” that brightens patient and guest interactions. High Profile Cleaning has resulted in extremely favorable ratings from clients, while EVS has also improved foodservice at Inova Fairfax, provided by Morrison Healthcare. Crothall’s modifications to cleaning and staffing procedures reduced room turnaround times from 119 minutes in 2009 to a lean 73 minutes in 2014.

"The leadership across the [Inova] system has a tremendous amount of confidence in Crothall and support the programs mentioned which is key to success,” according to Tony Gill, Crothall’s EVS Director at Inova Fairfax Medical Center. “Just as Inova Health System is a leader in health care and on the forefront of innovative medicine, the Crothall EVS team follows suit and continues to be innovative on the operational levels to provide the best care for our Patients as well as elevating purpose for our front-line staff."  

Efficiency in Action

Inova Fairfax, now joined six other select U.S. hospitals, is piloting Crothall’s E2 flexible staffing model, which helps staff respond to daily changes without compromising the quality of care. E2 – “efficient and effective” – adds value to High Profile Cleaning by determining daily staffing needs with a daily census of patient rooms. HPC technicians, responsible for daily occupied room cleaning, are each assigned 24 to 28 rooms while Nursing Support Core workers are assigned 6 to 8 rooms to ensure the required patient attention. Crothall’s staffing model and quick implementation at Inova Fairfax Medical Center has decreased turnaround time for HPC technicians while increasing customer satisfaction in HCAHPS and other metrics: cleanliness scores jumped 9% to 79.5% in the 18 months after E2 was instituted.

Keeping Patients Safe

OMIT is now being piloted at Inova Health System in Northern Virginia. OMIT – operational mitigation of infection transmission – is Crothall’s new program to combat hospital-acquired infections, especially the common Clostridium difficile (C. diff) bacteria. Environmental service workers are allocated specifically to isolation rooms and no other, breaking the chain of infection by stopping the travel of bacteria.

"I think [OMIT] is a great example to Crothall's commitment to partner with an organization to reduce environmentally transmitted C-diff and improve Patient outcomes,” said Michelle Peninger, Senior Director of Infection Prevention and Control for Inova Health System.

Daily census reports allow leadership to group affected and potentially affected patients into isolation rooms in groups of 18 to 24, allowing OMIT team members to conduct High Profile Cleaning and EVS without their travel with potential sources of infection other areas of the hospital.

Internal Promotions at Inova

Under Crothall, Inova Fairfax Medical Center has reduced turnover and promoted more internal employees as new practices increase the happiness and efficiency of staff. Inova promoted eight managers internally in 2014, up from four in 2013, and rising to 15 in 2015.