Case Studies

Florida Hospital System

Creating Patient Experience

Crothall Healthcare has redefined “patient experience” in hospital settings with processes that create new cultures of efficiency and recognition for the individuals who make it happen. Florida Hospital System, including eight campuses and 2,675 beds, began their partnership with Crothall in 1999 and became a prime example of how patient satisfaction and employee pride rise when supported by the four basic pillars of Positive ImpressionsTM, Crothall’s new approach to patient satisfaction.

Separating from the Pack

Crothall’s processes drove a 40% improvement in “cleanliness” HCAHPS scores over 5 years. The “top box” rating in cleanliness was 77% across all campuses at Florida Hospital in the fourth quarter of 2015. Several campuses, including Kissimmee and Celebration, achieved “top box” ratings exceeding 80%. Florida Hospital’s scores were higher than national and regional averages – and more than 10% higher than the average of U.S. hospitals with more than 500 beds. The key was to create a caring and personalized patient experience to drive that dramatic increase.

“Our scores are extraordinary and Crothall has adapted its processes for each location with care and purpose,” said Karen Purnell, Chief Nursing Officer of Florida Hospital. “We knew these processes would deliver results. Our partnership established a respected and valued relationship from the beginning.

The Four Pillars of Positive ImpressionsTM

Through the continuing partnership with Florida Hospital, Crothall demonstrated the power of the four pillars of Positive ImpressionsTM: Defining Moments, Engagement, Tailored to Fit, and Expertise.

  • Defining Moments. Customer service is elevated above a simple phrase. It becomes a story of how staff members appear, communicate, and help patients and health care providers recover from issues. Transparency creates confidence in a hospital environment: within 24 hours of admission, a manager speaks to every patient about what they can expect from Crothall. “That first impression with new admissions is critical for patient experience, and Florida Hospital has done exceptionally well here,” said Thomas “Dusty” Deringer, Vice President of Patient Experience.

  • Engagement. Staff engagement secures Crothall’s methods by recognizing excellence and rewarding the dedication shown by front-line employees. Professionals who stand out in quality assessments and HCAHPS results are rewarded with gift cards and team meeting recognition. Employees are also recognized as a team at special events, including managers making breakfast for an entire shift.

  • Tailored to Fit. Crothall tailors its services to fit each of the hospitals and units it serves. This is reflected at every level: Florida Hospital is part of Adventist Health System, the largest Protestant nonprofit health system in the United States, and Crothall managers worked hard to integrate Adventist’s unique culture into new systems. At the unit level, Positive ImpressionsTM makes use of the bubbly atmosphere at Children’s Hospital of Orlando and the festive mood at Celebration Health, in the heart of Orlando’s theme park district.

  • Expertise. Florida Hospital has benefited from our deep body of knowledge on crafting patient experiences. We use numerous research sources and our years of experience across the USA to craft each hospital’s onsite training program. Ongoing collaboration between Florida Hospital and Crothall is adapting the highly flexible Positive Impressions™ program to drive results that matter.

Delivering Collaboration 

Florida Hospital’s HCAHPS scores in cleanliness are among the highest in the nation. They have risen faster than the average scores in the nation, region and hospital size by several factors. Crothall’s strategy with Florida Hospital delivered immediate lasting results with Positive Impressions™ due to management’s confidence in the program. “Industry leaders learned early on that we were separating from the pack,” said Mark Giuliani, Senior Regional Director for Crothall Operations.

“One of the biggest reasons for success at Florida Hospital is we delivered what we promised,” said Deringer. “Senior leadership at Crothall made sure we got the support we needed to get great results.” That intense focus from the staff guaranteed the partnership’s success.

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