Case Studies

Cape Cod Hospital


At Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis, MA, Crothall found that in order to engage hourly associates, you first have to earn their trust. There was a feeling among housekeepers that what they did on a daily basis—the tireless, challenging job of cleaning effectively and productively—never really made an impact in the minds of patients. 


Unit Director Ed Richards knew that regularly posting scores would be a way to motivate employees to constantly improve, even instilling a healthy sense of competition. But associates didn’t immediately believe that the scores were affected by anything they did. Sometimes, good workers still received lower scores. Richards helped the team understand that HCAHPS is just as much about their interaction with patients as it is about cleaning well. He soon found a way to get over their skepticism. 


  • Licensed beds: 240 
  • Cleanable Square Footage: 580,000 
  • Productivity: 1,586 SqFt/Hr 
  • Staff:Manager Ratio: 13:1 
  • Key Program Elements:
    • Reward and recognition program
    • Picture perfect standards in place, non-verbal cues, tent cards, etc. 
    • Posting patient satisfaction data routinely 

“ This instantly made it real for them. They could see that patients who got to know them by name tended to give better survey scores.” 

– Ed Richards, Unit Director 


Richards started posting not only scores, but all patient comments that singled out a housekeeper by name. “This instantly made it real for them. They could see that patients who got to know them by name tended to give better survey scores.” Making it “real” motivates housekeepers to make every patient interaction an opportunity to impress. Richards recognizes all housekeepers mentioned positively, celebrating them publically during staff meetings and rewarding them with small gifts. 


Crothall managers also have a key role to play in delivering hospitality. Every patient receives a visit from a Crothall manager during their stay in which he: 

  1. Introduces himself 
  2. Hands the patient a business card with a direct cell phone number 
  3. Asks if there are any specific housekeeping needs that can be met. 
  4. Explains what the team will strive to do to make their stay safe and pleasant 
  5. Introduces them to the many hospitality-grade amenities provided by the EVS department. 

The efforts of the entire Crothall team have paid off: 

  1. Patients are more satisfied and connected to their housekeepers 
  2. The number of positive comments that name housekeepers has greatly increased. 
  3. This has had a natural impact on HCAHPS scores, which have risen from 67 when the hospital started measuring in 2006 to 81 as of December 2011. 

Associates know they are making this difference, and they know they are truly part of the care team. 

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