What Makes Hospital Grade Cleaners Different

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What Makes Hospital Grade Cleaners Different

Maintaining a safe hospital environment is critical to creating a positive patient experience and may only be guaranteed with committed staffing using proper high-quality cleaning tools. Hospital-grade cleaners ensure a safe and healthy environment for patients and hospital staff due to their high standards and closely regulated and approved components.

What Makes Hospital Grade Cleaners Different?

Hospital-grade cleaners are held to a higher standard than commercial cleaning products, and they also provide a low-risk, sanitized environment. Hospital-grade cleaners are the strongest disinfectants you can buy as they combat viruses, parasites, bacteria, and other pathogens. Hospital-grade cleaners combat the coronavirus, the flu, and the common cold. Hospital industry cleanliness standards are higher than those in other industries due to the serious nature of the environment, so using hospital-grade cleaners can reduce the spread of bacteria and infections.

What Does Hospital Grade Cleaners Do?

Hospital-grade cleaners control bacteria by performing as a biocide or germ killer, and they control viruses by being a virucide or removing the ability of a virus to infect a person. Hospital-grade cleaners must be EPA-registered and meet certain regulatory and industry standards for hospital sanitation. The Environmental Services (EVS) program ensures that hospitals look and feel clean using processes, analytics, and staffing. The cleaning approach is methodical and precise.

What Are Hospital Grade Cleaners?

The highest-quality disinfectants include quaternary ammonium compounds (QACs), hydrogen peroxide, bleach, and alcohol. When cleaning hospitals it's essential to use all of these sanitation methods in the Environmental Services department to ensure patient and staff safety. Hospital environmental services play a major role in the sanitation and disinfection of hospital facilities.

What Does Environmental Service Companies Provide for Hospitals with Hospital Grade Cleaners?

Environmental Services reduce healthcare-associated infections (HAI) by ensuring that each product, device, or tool within the hospital is cleaned to minimize contamination. Companies with healthcare expertise ensure that hospital environments are properly disinfected and safe for patients, guests, and healthcare staff. The commitment to safety and health requires high-quality people and services, where safety processes and procedures don't get missed in any situation. Crothall follows a 5 Pillar Model to reduce infection: hand hygiene, process, measurement, augmentation, and emerging solutions. Combining these five pillars reduces the possibility or risk of contamination, ensuring a safe environment.

Environmental Services and Hospital Grade Cleaners Work Together

Always utilize hospital-grade cleaners for your urgent care, hospitals, or other medical facilities. The different cleaning options used must be EPA-certified and hospital-grade. Any environmental staff and housekeeping team members will know the proper procedures and processes to ensure that your patients, nurses, doctors, and healthcare staff remain safe and healthy. 

Always ensure that any hospital-grade cleaners purchased have been verified by regulatory agencies at the local, state, and federal levels and meet hospital standards and compliance. 

Written by: Crothall