Crothall Healthcare :: Crothall Healthcare Earns No. 11 Best Place to Work in Healthcare

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Crothall Healthcare Earns No. 11 Best Place to Work in Healthcare

This weekend, Morrison and Crothall Healthcare representatives attended the 10th Anniversary of Modern Healthcare’s Best Places to Work in Healthcare, where the top 150 healthcare providers, vendors, and suppliers in the U.S. were honored among their peers. In May, our two companies were chosen as part of the top 150 after a rigorous review of our employment practices.  Modern Healthcare looks at everything, including benefits, compensation, leadership, talent development, communications, and alignment with company mission, vision, and values. Most importantly, many of our associates participated in an employee engagement survey—which accounts for 75% of our scores.

At the Gala event held in Las Vegas, we learned that Morrison and Crothall both placed in the top 25 (#21 and #11 respectively). I am excited and energized by these amazing results! Each day our associates’ faith in our organizations, pride in our people culture and commitment to service demonstrate they are proud to work here. I am so pleased that Modern Healthcare recognizes this about our Compass One family. I encourage you to check out Morrison and Crothall on social media. Take a look at what is going on that makes us so proud to be a part of Compass One.

Thank you, to our associates, once again, for your hard work, your dedication, and loyalty. As we move towards the Workplace of the Future within Compass One Healthcare, we know that our people are our most precious resource, and we will continue to find new and better ways to empower and engage.  I am encouraging our associates to take time to internalize this industry recognition and celebrate these wins with their teams. I sure am #ProudToWorkHere!

Check out the full ranked list of Modern Healthcare’s Best Places to Work in Healthcare of all top 150 healthcare companies here. If you’re looking to join our family, explore our team member or management openings today on the Compass Group Careers site. 

Written by: Bobby Kutteh