Celebrating Environmental Service Workers Week

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Celebrating Environmental Service Workers Week

Celebrating Environmental Service Workers Week

This week we celebrate EVS Workers week, a time dedicated to recognizing the hard work of all EVS associates whose work keeps our patients comfortable and safe.

Beyond providing a safe place for patients to heal, other things contribute to a positive patient experience. Simple things like a smile, and a soft heart towards those who are suffering usually matter the most. Each day, Crothall EVS associates have an opportunity to provide each of these to patients, their families and guests.

The Environmental Service Workers Behind the Great Experience

People like Jykeitisha Brooks, an EVS Housekeeper at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, is one of these people. She’s using her personality to brighten the day of each person she encounters. Check out a testimonial from a patient’s family member about Jykeitisha's irresistible spirit.

Recently, Jykeitisha received a GEM, Crothall’s corporate recognition award for frontline associates who show outstanding efforts and also earned the Above and Beyond Award from Cincinnati Children's for providing excellent care and customer service.

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"I am passionate about my family, my children, and life itself. I've learned a lot and continue to keep learning. This job really helps me focus on life's rewards and hardships and helps me to keep things in perspective, “ Jykeistisha says. “I am so proud to have my own unit and work for a company that provides excellent service. I love interacting with my patients and [connecting] with them through conversation and see their smiles. My goal is to keep the room clean, so they can focus on healing."

Thanks to Jykeitisha and other Crothall EVS associates, more patients can do just that: focus on healing.

Environmental Service Workers' Week

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Our success is founded on providing A Welcome Experience for patients, families and hospital guests, clinical staff, communities and Crothall associates.

This September we will celebrate Environmental Service Workers’ Week (September 10-14) to recognize our incredible EVS associates who are behind providing a Welcome Experience. Join us in honoring them by sharing your love for them on social media using #EVSWeek2018.

Join the Crothall Family as an Environmental Service Associate

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Looking for meaningful work helping people? Do you want to marry your passions and serving others? Check out available team member or management opportunities to join the Compass One Healthcare and Crothall Healthcare family. We believe in providing exceptional patient experiences and are proud of the opportunities we have each day to help people and serve alongside world-class clients.

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