5 Ways to Celebrate Environmental Services Week

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5 Ways to Celebrate Environmental Services Week

Every year, during the second week of September at Crothall, we celebrate our associates for National Healthcare Environmental Service Week (EVS Week). This year, celebrating our associates who care for patients and their families is more important than ever due to the commitment they continue to make in the wake of COVID-19 since its arrival in 2020. For 2021, we plan to honor our incredible EVS associates working with patients. Here are 5 ways your healthcare organization can honor the environmental services team.

Check out Patient Experience Manager, Francisco Sillero, wish his team at Boston Medical Center a Happy EVS Week!

1. Celebrating Environmental Service Workers by Creating Positive Experiences

No matter which part of the welcoming patient experience your team is involved in, together you provide quality care and we celebrate your work during the pandemic. Environmental Services Week allows us to express our thanks formally, but associates are appreciated each day. Consider having a celebratory luncheon or happy hour where you can celebrate workers.

2. Celebrating Health Care Associates With Gifts

National Healthcare Environmental Services Week provides a great opportunity for everyone to appreciate the work of the environmental services team and the value their work brings to everyone who works in healthcare facilities. Whether it's a thank you, fresh coffee, personalized gifts, or gift cards for your team and colleagues, you'll find ways to support their work and show your appreciation. Offer flowers, meals, or babysitting services to the environmental services professionals you know or highlight their work on social media with a hashtag such as #HealthcareEnvironmentalServicesWeek to continue celebrating.

3. Thanking Environmental Healthcare Workers

These environmental services professionals keep patients and medical personnel safe and healthy every day. We at Crothall are so grateful for our associates across the country who wear their PPE each day to protect their communities, patients, and families. Each Crothall location is committed to making the healthcare community safe and healthy. To all of our frontline associates who clean our communities to keep us all safe, we say thank you! We appreciate the time each person takes to keep patients, colleagues, and their families safe. Recognizing these associates for all they do in hospitals is a great gesture to make them feel appreciated, so give thanks by simply smiling and saying, "Thank you for all you do!"

4. Recognition Programs

The hard work and dedication of your EVS team is crucial to safety in healthcare, and Environmental Services Week allows us to celebrate everyone. EVS Week allows us to highlight and honor the hard work of healthcare environmental services by providing small monetary awards. Having recognition programs established honors those EVS associates who worked through the Coronavirus and other major health crises. EVS Week lets us give thanks to those people who are on the frontline and who disinfect, clean, and provide patient care. 

Check out this awesome video message from the EVS Team at Augusta University Hospital!

5. Celebrate Your Environmental Healthcare Workers Today

Make sure to celebrate your EVS team on a scheduled basis to ensure your associates feel appreciated year-round. Your EVS team has a significant impact on patient safety and experience so it's important to recognize them for their efforts. 

Written by: Crothall