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You depend on a range of healthcare laundry solutions to deliver consistent results. Whether you are searching for a provider, operate your own healthcare laundry facility, or are part of a cooperative, Crothall’s experts will have a positive impact.

hover: ser>ll>proWhether managing our healthcare laundry facility or yours, improving workforce productivity while maximizing quality and service requires specialists who know how to motivate, educate, and create the environment to make it happen. Crothall Laundry Services is achieving great results and can deliver these outcomes for you.

hover: ser>ll>peoYou can depend on Crothall's expert management to deliver consistent quality and reliability. We pride ourselves on transparent pricing so you always know what you are paying, with no hidden surcharges.

We are the industry leader in environmentally friendly healthcare laundry solutions. As the first commercial laundry provider to eliminate phosphates and NPEs from our chemicals, you can rest assured that your linens are in the most responsible hands.

HLAC logoBeginning in 2007, Crothall Laundry Services has pursued accreditation for all of our laundry processing facilities throughout the country from the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC). Becoming accredited is an entirely voluntary process.

HLAC's mission is to publish high standards for processing healthcare textiles and to provide an inspection and accreditation process recognizing laundries meeting these high standards. Nearly all of Crothall's laundry facilities have received accreditation, with a few remaining locations awaiting inspection in the upcoming months.

Laundry & Linen Focal Points

  • Rely on consistent, high-quality healthcare laundry service
  • Guarantee service outcomes
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Employ environmentally conscious laundry practices
  • Access to capital needed to modernize equipment
  • Benefit from education & development programs
  • Gain from extensive industry knowledge & expertise
  • Maximize efficiencies
  • Depend on full financial disclosure & transparent pricing

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Momentum in Laundry & Linen

The Year of the Big Deals

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CLS Milwaukee Plant: Construction Update

December 14, 2010.

Crothall Laundry Services’ first ground-up built-to-spec laundry plant is well underway, and progress towards LEED certification is right on track. Working with an Arco/Murray Project Manager, Crothall’s National Director of Technical Services Ian Bigelow reports in update 23 that as of 12/14/10, the outside structure of the plant is complete and ready for winter. While structural work continues inside, equipment is beginning to arrive and plumbing and electrical installations are in process. At the time of this report, calendar days remaining until Completion Date remains at 124 days. To see the original press release on the groundbreaking of the CLS-Milwaukee Laundry, click here.

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