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Healthcare Technology Solutions (HTS)

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Crothall’s greatest difference is our Delivery Model – Specialization. Healthcare technology does healthcare technology – period. Focused performance within a single skill set makes the Crothall program unique and best in class. We find that specialization drives out waste, delivers effective service, drives productivity and encourages rich innovations and ideas. We do not ask our leaders to be cross-functional managers nor do we ask them to be managed by those without the HTS skill set. Specialists are never distracted by blended service models.

What We Do

We provide management and oversight of a hospital's entire life cycle of medical devices and clinical technologies, including safety, risk management, technical support, financial stewardship, and management of healthcare technologies that are integrated and interoperable.

We deliver noticeable outcomes. Our HTS service delivers patient satisfaction, nurse/clinician satisfaction and real tangible value to your asset management program. We’re all about outcomes and delivering. That’s why we are the fastest growing provider of clinical equipment and diagnostic imaging services

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Crothall HTS Uniqueness

Patient Satisfaction focused

Only Crothall HTS offers programs to improve the patient experience. We offer a team of professionals who are focused on maintaining the items a patient interacts with most often – the nurse call button, bed, TV, and phone. Patients have access to this team via a QR code placed on their patient tray – if they have a problem they can contact our team for fast resolution. No waiting. Empowered patients have better HCAHPS experiences

Nurse Job Satisfaction focused

Our Clear Connect program makes sure nurses have the equipment they need. One of the greatest frustrations to nursing staff is access to disinfected and fully operational equipment when and where they need it. And, Administration needs to minimize equipment rentals. Our Clear Connect team solves both of those problems. HCAHPS score analysis indicates that nurse interaction has a tremendous impact on Overall Ratings.

Tangible value to the bottom line

We maximize uptime and the life cycle of your equipment investment. The Clear Connect program will minimize rentals. Diagnostic imaging uptime will be maximized. As we are manufacturer agnostic we help you find the right piece of equipment at the right price. Capital investments will be tied to performance – not a brand name.


Key Benefits

  • HCAHPS scores can improve. As patients are empowered with access to a team of professionals maintaining what they use most their perception of service improves and Overall Rating scores can climb.
  • Nurse frustrations are eased as they have what they need when they need it. Clear Connect can improve nurse and clinician job satisfaction and that can improve patient interaction with nurses.
  • Capital asset investment can improve. As life cycles are extended and uptime is maximized you can squeeze every dollar out of this significant investment.


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Clinical Equipment Solutions Benefits

  • Focus on better patient care
  • Guarantee service outcomes
  • Reduce cost
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Improve your revenue stream
  • Raise satisfaction for patients and staff
  • Ensure satisfied service team associates
  • Guarantee regulatory compliance
  • Ensure unbiased capital & asset spending counseling

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