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At Crothall, great specialists are created, fostered, and maintained



hover: abt>peo>recA nationwide force of the most talented and dedicated service professionals in the industry does not happen by accident – it is created with concerted talent-acquisition efforts and sustained by active training and compelling employee retention programs.

We go to great lengths to secure the best for the Crothall team, and the benefits are apparent on every client site.


Our recruitment methods are targeted, well-developed processes that have been proven on a global basis to identify, qualify, and attract top talent from each of the service professions in which we operate.

We work hand-in-hand with our Diversity Action Council, utilize an in-depth background check point system with instant I-9 verification, and scope all Operations positions with the Hay Group evaluation methodology to ensure consistent staffing planning and responsibility assignment.


Once we attract the most qualified and dedicated specialists, we invest great effort into retaining, growing, and engaging them so that their performance meets or exceeds the promise of their potential.

By engaging each individual in tailored progress and career planning, we promote real investment and dedication, and dramatically reduce turnover in a typically fluid industry.

We also take every opportunity to grow our most talented managers from within. Our management training programs graduate some of the best leaders in the Crothall team, and we take pride in the fact that the path for real advancement is open to any and all of our employees.

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